In Ireland there is very little help or information for Menopause. It is the most difficult time in a womans life, yet, it goes unspoken. There are over 40 symptoms of Perimenopause and Menopause but many are not recognising this.
Peri-menopause, in particular, is known to be more difficult than menopause/post menopause in regards to symptoms. Post Menopause also brings with it numerous potential health implications. Healthcare professionals are not trained as standard in treating Menopause therefore The Irish Menopause was launched to help, support and guide. 

Menopause affects EVERY woman. If you are a woman you need to know and understand Menopause. It’s our mission to help you …….

About me

I am Sallyanne Brady, as a founder of The Irish Menopause. I would love to be your Menopause Mentor…..

I was thrown into Peri-menopause in my mid 30s completely unaware of what was happening to me. Throughout a 4 year journey of anxiety, depression, night sweats, headaches, dental issues,  joint pain, hair loss, crashing fatigue and numerous more symptoms I learned that there was a serious issue with lack of knowledge around the subject.  I was treated by numerous healthcare professionals for numerous conditions but without success.

My journey to finding the ‘answers’ took me 4 years. Throughout this time I researched endlessly, my knowledge brought me to where I am today. Still learning, supporting and researching I wanted to share this knowledge with others to help, to support and to guide.  Knowledge is power, women need to be aware of the symptoms of menopause, to understand, to plan and manage.


Knowledge is power

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What a great informative chat on Loose Women today!! Its about time this was given the airtime it deserves. Lives being ruined by menopause when it it easily resolved with the right treatment and the right doctor. Thank you Davina McCall & My Menopause Doctor and thanks to all at Loose Women

Dr Sarah Ball of Newson Health talks with me! Menopause. HRT, the important Testosterone and a bit of HIstamine Intolerance. Buckets of fun 🙂

Dr Brenda Moran of Danu Clinic in Mallow Co. Cork joins me to talk all things Menopause. Enjoy.

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