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I am Sallyanne Brady, as a founder of The Irish Menopause. I would love to be your Menopause Mentor…..

I was thrown into Peri-menopause in my mid 30s completely unaware of what was happening to me. Throughout a 4 year journey of anxiety, depression, night sweats, headaches, dental issues,  joint pain, hair loss, crashing fatigue and numerous more symptoms I learned that there was a serious issue with knowledge around the subject.  I was treated by numerous healthcare professionals for numerous conditions but without success. I was not informed that those years of being hormone deficient would have long term consequences , nobody told me and the information was not available to me!

My journey to feeling well again took me 4 years, I dont want this to be the case for any other woman.  Throughout this time I researched endlessly, my knowledge brought me to where I am today. Still learning, supporting and researching I wanted to share this knowledge with others to help, to support and to guide.  Knowledge is power, women need to be aware of the symptoms of menopause, to understand, to plan and manage.

There is a huge gap in education around menopause, for all.  I endeavour to help fill some of those gaps for women and help guide them to the correct medical help if required.  I am an affiliate member of The British Menopause Society and a member of The International Menopause Society with IMPART Level 1 Training.  

I will help you understand Menopause, what it means exactly, what you need to know, why you need to know it  and how to address it!

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Your Menopause is individual, as individual as you are….

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